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Crogai Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AgentSimple vehicule model reusing ideas from Craig Reynolds GDC'99 presentation - -
AgentCoreThe base class of all agents
AgentCore::NoDirtyBoundTransformOverload OSG transform to avoid unecessary dirty node checks
AttitudeCorrectionSpecify how to update the old attitude to a new one, given the old and new directions
BillboardObstacleAn obstacle using a billboard and texture for its avatar
CrogaiAgentBase agent for the Crogai scenario: - Adds a notion of specie, and associated avatar
Utility::EventFusionnedTextGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! OSG didn't make setText virtual!!!
EventQueueViewerExtend the OSG viewer to add a thread-safe asynchronous event queue
EventQueueViewer::GenericDispatcherBase class of templatized object method wrappers This is put in the public namespace of the Viewer so it can be used with the generic post methods
ExplicitAIAgentAgent with hard-coded explicit AI
GenericDispatcherThis base class of object method wrappers is put in the public namespace of the Simulator so it can be used with the generic post methods
GrassyTerrainAdds grass to the terrain
KeepUpAttitudeCorrectionWhen mapping old direction to the new one, the rotation around the new direction is made so the up vector lies in the plane of the target up vector
LocalizedType for objects in the locality database
LoggerVery basic logging interface
NeuronalAgentAn agent using a two layer perceptron neural network for its AI decisions
ObstacleObstacle is a Localized Object with fixed position
OpenThreadSimulatorAn implementation of the simulator facility using the OpenThread library for maximum portability
POSIX_SimulatorImplements the thread, semaphore, timer and mutex functions used in the base Simulator class using POSIX functions
ShortestAngleAttitudeCorrectionUses the shortest angle rotation to map the old forward vector to the new forward vector
SimulatorManager of the simulation, this class is responsible for handling simulation events
Simulator::AbstractFactorySee struct Factory
Simulator::Factory< T >Subclasses should provide an ID and a priority to compare this implementation with the default ones
Simulator::GenericDispatcherThis base class of object method wrappers is put in the public namespace of the Simulator so it can be used with the generic post methods
SporeCloudAdd a cloud of spores in the environment for the agents genetic algorithm
SporeCloud::ConcentrationListWas initially a map, but inefficient iterators => Try a sorted list Still inefficient in accessing elements & iterators (thanks oprofile) => make own structure!
SporeCloud::SporeVolumeAll the lists present in one volume
TerrainA Terrain that uses wavelet noise for height field generation
TerrainAgentAdds terrain detection to the Agent class
TerrainInterfaceFor our purpose, a terrain is defined by it's height and normal at any point
TranslateTransformThis works exactly like a MatrixTransform for a translation, but is much faster to allocate: no temporary object needed, and no matrix inverse computation
TwoLayerPerceptronThis is a straightforward Two-Layer Perceptron implementation

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